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Meet our Instructors

Director & Choreographer

Corrie Whittington

Corrie began her dance training at the age of 3.5 at Deanna’s School of Dance. While at Deanna’s Corrie showed a love and excellence in tap and was asked to join the Senior Tap Class at age 7. During her dance career Corrie completed many years of competitions performing in solos, duets, and group dances. She won many awards and learned under the direction of several award-winning choreographers. Corrie began teaching her own classes at age 16. Now with over 25 years of teaching, including Deanna’s School of Dance, Dance Etc, and RM Productions, Corrie is fulfilling a long-time dream of opening her own studio.

Corrie’s goal with CW Dance Company is to share the love of dance with her students, while providing quality dance education at the same time. Corrie believes that dance is something that should be shared with everyone young and old alike. Corrie believes that people of all abilities should have the opportunity to dance, and inclusion is important at every age. She had always specialized in the littlest dancers even though she enjoys teaching all ages. In addition to regular classes, Corrie teaches competition teams, solos, and duets and has been recognized with many awards.

When Corrie isn’t at dance, she is a stay-at-home mom and caretaker for her daughter who has cerebral palsy. Corrie and her Husband, Heath, live in Dunbar, with their two daughters, Layla and Abigail and 3 dogs, Toby, Moose and Stormi. 


Sheridan Tucci

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Bio Coming soon!

Morgan Connard

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Bio Coming soon!

Student Assistants

Layla Whittington

Layla is a 2024 graduate of South Charleston High School. 

Layla accepted a position in the Toyota Motor Manufacturing WV AMT Program, that she will start this fall. She will learn and work her way through the program learning advanced manufacturing, robotics, and engineering.  She plans to still dance at the studio when she can. Layla has been taking dance since the age of 3. She has been a member of competition teams since the age of 9. She loves all forms of dance and taking all opportunities to learn new things. She enjoys tap the most. She also enjoys student teaching with all the littles.


Lyanna Peterson

Lyanna is a 2024 Graduate of South Charleston High School and will attend the University of Charleston to study child psychology this fall. Lyanna has been volunteer Student assistant teacher for the past few years helping with our littlest dancers. She looks forward to seeing them all week to week. She loves the new opportunity to learn dance and spend time with everyone at CW Dance company. 


Ellie Cole

Ellie is a Freshman in High school. She as been in dance since age 2. Ellie is member of our Senior Competition Team. She takes many other classes and styles during the regular dance season.  Ellie enjoys helping with our young dancers and looks forward to seeing them every week. 

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